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Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel - and the Way to Stop It
Strachan, Owen

Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel - and the Way to Stop It

ISBN: 9781684512430
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Book Description:

The "wokeness" that emerged from the social unrest of 2020 has swept through schools, businesses, and even sports. Driven by the radical ideologies of Critical Race Theory and intersectionality, it has destabilized public and private life-including the Church.

Many evangelicals have joined the crusade. Gripped by a desire for justice and rightly grieved by past evils like slavery, many pastors are preaching the woke gospel-identifying "whiteness" (an imaginary concept) with "white supremacy," calling bewildered Christians to repent of their supposed guilt for the sins of past generations.

But as theologian Owen Strachan makes clear, this is not true justice, nor is it true Christianity. While wokeness employs biblical vocabulary and concepts, it is an alternative religion, far from Christianity in both its methods and its fruit. A potent blend of racism, paganism, and grievance, wokeness encourages "partiality" and undermines the unifying work of the Holy Spirit. It is not simply not the Gospel; it is anti-Gospel. As Strachan traces the origins of wokeness, lays out its premises, and follows them to their logical conclusions, the contrast of that false faith with the Word of God stands out unmistakably. This succinct but groundbreaking work reveals that wokeness, like other heresies, is not really new. Nor is the antidote: Christ crucified for us.


Owen Strachan is provost and research professor of theology at Grace Bible Theology Seminary and a senior fellow with the Family Research Council. He earned a Ph.D. in theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. The author of twenty books, including Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind, he lives with his family in Conway, Arkansas.


"Owen Strachan has done a great service to the Church by not only taking aim at one of her most dangerous foes (wokeness), but also by pointing her again and again to her all-sufficient Savior and head. Few men possess the mix of intellect, winsomeness, academic rigor, pastoral sensitivity, and raw courage that drips from every page of this book."
--Voddie Baucham, Jr., dean of the School of Divinity at African Christian University and author of Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe

"One of the reasons why wokeness has become so acceptable in the Church today is because many Christians-especially white Christians-are afraid to denounce it. One of the most effective things about wokeness is that it shames white people into silence or compliance. Too many seem to believe speaking for wokeness or not speaking at all are their only options. But there's a third option-a fearless and faithful option: the only viable option for men like Owen Strachan. At a time when so many people are unwilling to speak about this with truth in love, I'm grateful for Christianity and Wokeness. In a succinct, simple, and sanctifying manner, Strachan masterfully affirms that light cannot fellowship with darkness and that Christianity cannot fellowship with wokeness."
--Samuel Sey, blogger at

"Moved by concern for the Church, Owen Strachan has provided a valuable and insightful resource on Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, and woke culture. Christianity and Wokeness offers a perceptive analysis that explains why these ideologies are inconsistent with the Gospel and how they will wreak irreparable harm if left unchecked. Gracious yet firm, Strachan exposes the woke movement by showing how it is fundamentally incompatible with biblical Christianity. Conversations about race, ethnicity, social justice, and unity are important. But the Gospel, not wokeness, is the answer to these and other challenges. Thankfully, Strachan is a faithful guide for navigating these crucial questions."
--Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council

"The best thing I have ever read on wokeness. We have a Marxist disease that is plaguing our country. Men and women must speak up, and Owen Strachan has done so clearly and concisely. His book will be required reading for my church. I heartily recommend it."
--Tommy Nelson, senior pastor of Denton Bible Church in Texas

"As the ideology of wokeness spreads like gangrene throughout many churches, we need men who will stand and speak the truth in a way that is able to win minds and hearts. Owen Strachan delivers on this great need in his latest book. With the mind of a scholar, Owen defines wokeness with great care and addresses the serious nature of its worldly ideology. Rather than paint with a broad brush, he uses precise strokes to provide an accurate picture of both the problems with wokeness and the solution that is solely rooted in the Gospel. With the heart of a pastor, Owen addresses the real social evils of America in both the past and present. He demonstrates that the solution can never be found in the worldly ideology of wokeness but only in the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In a true sense, this book is not waging war against wokeness but fighting to preserve the purity of the Gospel that alone can address the problems that plague our world. Although the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church, threats to the Gospel continually arise that must be battled. Dr. Strachan does not wring his hands and fret over wokeness but strengthens his hands and fights for the Gospel. He invites you to join in the fight and stand for truth. This is the book you need to prepare for the battle."
--Tom Buck, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas

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Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 243
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication Date: 2021