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Christianity & New Religious Movements: An Introduction to the World's Newest Faiths
Cooper, Derek

Christianity & New Religious Movements: An Introduction to the World's Newest Faiths

ISBN: 9781629955919
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Book Description:

Jainism Sikhism Baha'i  Nation of Islam Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Wicca Scientology Atheism  Nones

Every major religion has produced hundreds of offshoots-new religious movements that are often culturally accepted and that claim to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. Yet many Christians know very little about them. This makes it difficult for us to engage with their adherents wisely and well. Derek Cooper delves into ten of the most historic, most prominent, and most recognizable new religious movements, focusing on ones with members whom readers have a significant chance of meeting. Writing from a confessional yet compassionate Christian perspective, he overviews core elements of these religions and describes effective points of contact for Christians. Whether you're seeking to engage with certain individuals or simply curious about your diverse spiritual landscape, this book can help.

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Derek Cooper is managing director of Thomas Institute, an educational travel company that specializes in learning on location. He is also the author of fifteen books, including Christianity and World Religions, Introduction to World Christian History, Basics of Latin, and Before You Go Overseas. Derek has visited more than seventy-five countries and earned a PhD in the history of religion and an MBA in entrepreneurial management. He runs a YouTube channel called Thomas Institute.


"A rigorous, critical, yet compassionate engagement with a variety of the world's new religious movements on their terms. [Cooper's] book . . . is the product of true love and intellectual curiosity."
--Jose Abraham, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Derek Cooper has provided the body of Christ with a useful and creative work."
--Ken Cuffey, President and Professor, Urbana Theological Seminary

"I know of no other all-in-one helpful guidebook like this, and Cooper makes for a readable and reliable interpreter. This book is highly useful not only for classrooms but also for personal study."
--Allen Yeh, Professor of Intercultural Studies & Missiology, Biola University

"Dr. Cooper gives a sensitive explanation of these 'new religions' to help equip the faithful followers of Christ with the tools necessary to understand, engage, and evangelize as the Spirit leads."
--Larry L. Anderson Jr., Coauthor, Ask Me Why I'm Not in Church

"Like C. S. Lewis, Cooper is a 'translator'-that rare person with a genius for taking complex ideas and explaining them in ways that can be easily understood by ordinary followers of Jesus."
--F. Lionel Young III, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

"Cooper packs excellent scholarship into an extremely enjoyable and readable format."
--Dan Lowery, President and Associate Professor of New Testament, Pillar Seminary for Contextual Leadership

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 251
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Date: 2023