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The Case for Biblical Archaeology: Uncovering the Historical Record of God's Old Testament People
Currid, John D.

The Case for Biblical Archaeology: Uncovering the Historical Record of God's Old Testament People

ISBN: 9781629953601
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Book Description:

For many today, history holds little application to modern existence, and so we are both biblically and historically uninformed.

Biblical archaeology-the systematic study of the material remains of human behavior in biblical history-provides a helpful corrective on those two fronts. In this full-color handbook, archaeologist and professor John D. Currid shows how his field of study plays its part in restoring our understanding of ancient life and events.

With the aid of photographs, maps, charts, and study questions, you will:

  • gain overview of the geography of the land of the Bible;
  • take a tour through archaeological sites throughout the land;
  • learn about discoveries in agriculture, architecture, ceramics, burial practices, and more.


John D. Currid (PhD, University of Chicago) is Chancellor's Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. He has held expedition staff positions at Bethsaida, Carthage, Tell el-Hesi, and elsewhere and served as the director of the Tell Halif (Lahav) Grain Storage Project.


"John Currid provides the reader with a wonderful introduction to important geographical, historical, and cultural aspects of the Bible. Readers will benefit from the archaeological and textual knowledge found here."
--Richard S. Hess, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Editor, Denver Journal, Denver Theological Seminary

"In this excellent work, John Currid starts by giving readers . . . an explanation of how to practice archaeology in the land of the Bible. He then takes readers on a tour of that land and explains numerous important facets of the biblical culture. Currid's work flows from the mind and heart of a person who well understands the discipline of archaeology and related fields, drawing from decades of excavation and study and ministry."
--Boyd Seevers, Professor of Old Testament Studies, University of Northwestern- St. Paul, Minnesota

"Leads the reader from the broader areas of the history and work of archaeology in the Holy Land, to specific consideration of archaeological work in the various regions of the land, and finally to important factors relating to life in ancient Israel. Currid's new work will be welcomed among those of us who desire a clear presentation of the geography, archaeology, and everyday life in the land of the Bible."
--H. Wayne House, Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Faith International University and Faith Seminary

"This handbook explains how the archaeological enterprise has transformed our understanding of the land of Israel. It is a valuable reference for archaeology students going on their first dig, tourists on a pilgrimage tour, pastors, or tour leaders."
--Steven M. Ortiz, Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds, School of Theology, and Director, Charles D. Tandy Institute of Archaeology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 263
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Date: 2020
Discussion Questions: Included