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A Mystery Revealed: 31 Meditations on the Trinity
McGraw, Ryan M.

A Mystery Revealed: 31 Meditations on the Trinity

ISBN: 9781601789327
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Book Description:

Dr. Ryan McGraw peels back the curtain on how the Trinity forms the foundation for everything from evangelism to corporate worship. As he follows the Trinitarian shape of Scripture, McGraw brings this heavenly doctrine down to earth for the average Christian to experience.

These 31 meditations trace the biblical storyline, drawing us closer to the blessed persons of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

1. Trinitarian Grammar: What We Know about the Triune God Already
2. The Church's Trinitarian Grammar: What Others Can Teach Us about the Triune God
3. Our Triune Creator
4. The Trinity and the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
5. The Trinity, Providence, and Christ
6. The Trinity and the Restoration Prophets
7. The Trinity and Jesus Rejoicing in the Spirit
8. The Trinity and the Sin against the Spirit
9. The Trinity and God's Word
10. The Trinity, the Spirit's Procession, and Christ with Us
11. The Trinity, the Spirit's Mission, and Our Mission
12. The Trinity, Christ's Intercession, and the Church's Oneness
13. The Trinity and Forgiving and Retaining Sins
14. The Trinity, Baptism, and the Church
15. The Trinity and the Elders of the Church
16. The Trinity and Christ's Incarnate Identity
17. The Trinity and Christian Hope
18. The Trinity and Walking with God in the Spirit
19. The Trinity and Praying for the Spread of the Gospel
20. The Trinity, Preaching, and Knowing God
21. The Trinity, Assurance of Faith, and Final Salvation
22. The Trinity and Spiritual Warfare
23. The Trinity and the Spirit of Adoption
24. The Trinity and the Nature of the Church
25. The Trinity and Prayer for the Church
26. The Trinity and Genuine Christianity
27. The Trinity and the Gospel
28. The Trinity and Enduring Persecution
29. The Trinity and God's Final Word
30. The Trinity and Antichrist
31. Keeping the Trinitarian Faith


Ryan M. McGraw is the Morton H. Smith Professor of Systematic Theology, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


"The doctrine of the Trinity is nuanced, difficult, and crucial. 'The verbal expression of the Trinity is the most difficult job man has had to do,' J. I. Packer once said. Ryan McGraw has served the church well by directly answering the critics who accuse Trinitarian Christians of philosophizing rather than theologizing, of speculating rather than expositing. He provides a verse by verse, text by text scriptural exposition of the historic doctrine of the Trinity, its formulation, careful expression, and practical application."
--Terry L. Johnson, author of The Excellencies of God: Exploring and Enjoying His Attributes

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 240
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2023
Discussion Questions: Included