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Re: velation: Seeing Jesus, Seeing Self, Standing Firm
Gale, Stanley D.

Re: velation: Seeing Jesus, Seeing Self, Standing Firm

ISBN: 9781601788290
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Book Description:

The book of Revelation is not primarily about predicting the future or recognizing end-time signs in the morning news but instead prepares Christ's followers for the challenges we face in light of the glories to come. Re: velation unpacks Jesus's vivid communication to His church in the first three chapters of Revelation to remind us of our certain hope, assure us of His victorious presence, and embolden our faith to persevere. Re: velation gives us the coordinates of grace along the path of wisdom for our spiritual journey to eternity as disciples of our risen, reigning, and returning Lord.

Table of Contents:
1. Portrait for the Ages
2. A Love Grown Dim
3. Suffering with Resolve
4. The Power of Repentance
5. Keeping the Faith
6. Strengthen What Remains
7. Power in Weakness
8. Wisdom from Above
9. Heartened by Hope
Appendix: Discovery for Discipleship


Stanley D. Gale (MEd, MDiv, DMin) has served Christ and congregation as a pastor for thirty years. He has authored books on prayer, spiritual warfare, the Christian life, evangelism, and biblical worldview (Ecclesiastes). His ministry website is


"In people's excitement about the end times, they may forget that the book of Revelation is a message from Christ to His churches. In this well-written, easy-to-read book, Stan Gale shows us how Christ's words to the seven churches in Asia each give us a portrait of His glory, a practice that we must follow, and a promise to strengthen our souls. His book is a model of bringing Revelation home to our minds, hearts, and lives in a memorable and powerful way."
--Joel R. Beeke, president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and author of Revelation

"Endeavoring to show us Jesus, show us ourselves, and show us how to stand firm through Jesus's letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation, Stan Gale has written an accessible and practical discipleship tool that will be helpful for believers of all ages and stages. Pointing us to the essentials of being overcomers, Gale teaches us about love, suffering, repentance, faith, abiding, humility, and hope, all of which are rooted in and exercised from our union with Christ. He whets the reader's appetite for a fuller study of the book of Revelation, which showcases our prophet, priest, and king, Jesus Christ. Re: velation is a great resource for those in a mentoring relationship or looking for a book to launch them into a Bible study on the book of Revelation."
--Sarah Ivill, author of Revelation: Let the One Who Is Thirsty Come

"From its intriguing title to its (almost) unique style, Re: velation considers the seven letters to the churches. Rarely have these letters felt so pertinent and fresh (and threatening) as they do here. Pertinent as these letters to the churches are for all ages, something especially relevant emerges in these pages. It is as though the mail has arrived and there's a letter from Jesus to my own church. Now, who would not want to read that?"
--Derek W. H. Thomas, senior minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; chancellor's professor, Reformed Theological Seminary; and teaching fellow, Ligonier Ministries

"Stan Gale has written what may be described as the definitive hermeneutical key for understanding the book of Revelation. This is a book about Jesus-His sovereignty, lovingkindness, and care for His Church. It's also a book about discipleship-what Jesus calls us to focus on and do as we await His return in glory. Throughout, Stan's pastoral and winsome writing style shines through. This book has the attributes of a classic, one that people return to over and over, just to make sure you're still on the right bearings in your reading of Scripture and your walk with and work for the Lord. I intend to recommend it as often as I can."
--T. M. Moore, principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 134
Author: Gale, Stanley D.
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2021