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The Duty of Self-Denial and Ten Other Sermons
Watson, Thomas

The Duty of Self-Denial and Ten Other Sermons

ISBN: 9781601788245
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Book Description:

One may go to heaven without earthly comforts, but will not go without self-denial.

We have a natural tendency to fight for our rights and to exert our own will. We have been taught to look out for number one. Yet Jesus clearly said that the first step in following Him is to deny ourselves (Luke 9:23). In this classic treatise, Thomas Watson reminds Christians of their sacred duty of self-denial by explaining what it is and demonstrating how its every act asserts the supremacy of Jesus Christ. This volume also contains ten additional messages by Watson, further challenging readers to forsake all in order to gain all in Christ.

Table of Contents:

1. The Duty of Self-Denial
The Comforting Rod
The Peace of Christ
Kiss the Son
Till My Change Comes
His Heart Is Fixed
Light in Darkness
The Good Shepherd
How Must We Make Religion Our Business?
The Day of Judgment Asserted
How God Is His People’s Great Reward


Thomas Watson (ca. 1620–1686) graduated from Cambridge University and became one of the leading Puritan minsters of London.


“Watson was one of the most concise, racy, illustrative, and suggestive of those eminent divines who made the Puritan age the Augustan period of evangelical literature. There is a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience, and practical wisdom throughout all his works.”
--Charles H. Spurgeon

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 205
Author: Watson, Thomas
Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria Publications
Publication Date: 1996