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Puritan Treasures for Today - Comfort and Holiness from Christ's Priestly Work
Bridge, William

Puritan Treasures for Today - Comfort and Holiness from Christ's Priestly Work

ISBN: 9781601787231
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Book Description:

What comfort can we have in Christ Himself but as He is clothed in His priestly garments, in His office of High Priest?

Nothing is more vital to a believer's comfort and sanctification than understanding the scope of the Lord's priestly office. Conversely, some struggle with sin, doubt, temptation, discouragement, or an accusing conscience because they fail to grasp the significance of Christ's priesthood. In Comfort and Holiness from Christ's Priestly Work, William Bridge reminds us that "Christ's office as a priest is the great storehouse and supply of all the grace and comfort that we have on this side of heaven."

Read this edifying book and see how Jesus' fourfold labor of satisfaction, intercession, offering gifts, and blessing His people works to sooth your weary soul and grow you in godliness.

1. Christ's Priestly Work
2. Making Satisfaction
3. Making Intercession
4. Offering Gifts
5. Blessing the People
6. Conclusion

Series Description:
Interest in the Puritans continues to grow, but many people find the reading these giants of the faith a bit unnerving. This series seeks to overcome that barrier by presenting Puritan books that are convenient in size and unintimidating in length. Each book is carefully edited with modern readers in mind, smoothing out difficult language of a bygone era while retaining the meaning of the original authors. Books for the series are thoughtfully selected to provide some of the best counsel on important subjects that people continue to wrestle with today.


William Bridge (1600-1670) was a member of the Westminster Assembly and a prominent preacher among Congregationalist.


"William Bridge is a Puritan author who deserves to be much better known, and this writing on Christ's high priestly ministry is an excellent venue to get to know this member of the Puritan brotherhood of preachers. Christ as high priest (the great subject of Hebrews) was a favorite emphasis of the Puritans, and here, in this brief compass, we have a good example of this reflection on what must be regarded as an utterly vital aspect of Christ's heavenly ministry."
--Michael A. G. Haykin, chair and professor of church history, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 124
Author: Bridge, William
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2019