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Time and the End of Time: Discourses on Redeeming the Time and Considering Our Latter End
Fox, John

Time and the End of Time: Discourses on Redeeming the Time and Considering Our Latter End

ISBN: 9781601784896
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Book Description:

"A work of infinite moment depends on a moment of time."

John Fox's Time and the End of Time presents the never-dying soul with the weighty things one must deal with while standing on the coast of eternity: God, sin, heaven, hell, and, most of all, the personal work of Christ. Fox's piercing and searching exposition of two main texts, Ephesians 5:16 and Deuteronomy 32:29, engages readers with motivations, directions, and applications so they can both "redeem the time" and "consider their latter end." The span of life on earth quickly vanishes, and what is done with it will make or mar for eternity. Either infinite joy with God or the endless abyss of His fury-the hinge swings in time. "Therefore, do not procrastinate or delay…for a world."

Table of Contents: 
Part 1: Redeeming the Time Introduction 1. When Is Time to Be Redeemed 2. What Time Must Be Redeemed 3. How Time Must Be Redeemed 4. Why Time Must Be Redeemed 5. Motives to Redeem Time 6. Directions for Redeeming Time
Part 2: Consideration of Our Latter End Introduction 7. Consider Your Latter End 8. Reasons to Consider 9. Applications 10. Motives 11. Directions and Reminders


John Fox received a bachelor's degree from Cambridge in 1624. During the Puritan commonwealth, he was a vicar at Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire. After the Great Ejection in 1662, Fox became pastor of a Nonconformist congregation at Nailsworth


This is not your typical self-help book for Christians wanting to better manage their time. It is a theological treatise teaching us to live for the glory of God as wise stewards who have been given both time and resources to administer. The author writes pastorally as one who truly cares for our souls. Not only does he provide practical advice, but he also pleads with us to live for eternity and to walk circumspectly as those who will have to give an account on that final day. There is an urgency in his words that will wake us from slumber and impel us to 'lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us and run with patience the race that is set before us.'" - Paul Washer, founder, director, and missions coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 156
Author: Fox, John
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2016