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China's Reforming Churches
Baugus, Bruce P.

China's Reforming Churches

ISBN: 9781601783172
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Book Description:

China is now home to more evangelical believers than any other nation, and the church continues to grow and make inroads in every level of Chinese society. Such dramatic growth, against the backdrop of modern China, has produced profound and urgent church development needs. As faithful Chinese ministers strive to meet these needs, an increasing number are discovering the rich biblical and theological resources of the Reformed tradition and presbyterian polity.

This is a critical moment in the life of China's reforming churches and the Presbyterian and Reformed mission to China. This book provides both a historical look at presbyterianism in China and an assessment of the current state of affairs, orienting readers to church development needs and the basic outlines of Reformed Christianity in China today. While laying out the challenges and opportunities facing the church, the authors argue that assisting this reformation in China should be a central objective of the presbyterian and Reformed mission to China in this generation.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: China, Church Development, and Presbyterianism - Bruce P. Baugus
Part I  The History of Presbyterianism in China
  1. A Brief History of the Western Presbyterian and Reformed Mission to China - Michael M.
  2. Watson Hayes and the North China Theological Seminary - A. Donald MacLeod
  3. A Brief History of the Korean Presbyterian Mission to China - Bruce P. Baugus & Sung-Il Steve Park
Part II  Presbyterianism in China Today
  4. In Their Own Words: Perceived Challenges of Christians in China - Brent Fulton
  5. Why Chinese Churches Need Biblical Presbyterianism - Luke P. Y. Lu
  6. 'œA Few Significant Ones:' A Conversation with Two of China's Leading Reformers - Bruce P. Baugus
Part III  Challenges & Opportunities for Presbyterianism in China
  7. The Social Conditions of Ministry in China Today - G. Wright Doyle
  8. China: a Tale of Two Churches? - Brent Fulton
  9. Two Kingdoms in China: Reformed Ecclesiology and Social Ethics - David VanDrunen
  10. From Dissension to Joy: Resources from Acts 15:1'"35 for Global Presbyterianism - Guy Waters
Part IV  Appropriating a Tradition
  11. The Emergence of Legal Christian Publishing in China: An Opportunity for Reformed Christians - Phil Remmers
  12. A Report on the State of Reformed Theological Education in China - Bruce P. Baugus
  13. The Indigenization & Contextualization of the Reformed Faith in China - Paul Wang
Conclusion: The Future of Presbyterianism in China - Bruce P. Baugus
  A. Robert Morrison's Catechism - Introduced and Translated by Michael M.
  B. Shandong Student Protest and Appeal - Introduced by Bruce P. Baugus and Translated by Born


Bruce P. Baugus is is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi. He was the coorganizer, with Dave Holmlund, of the China's Reforming Churches conference. A former pastor, Bruce is a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America where he serves on the Candidates and Credentials Committee.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 336
Author: Baugus, Bruce P.
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2014