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Encouragement for Today's Pastors
Beeke & Slachter

Encouragement for Today's Pastors

ISBN: 9781601782205
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 Joel R. Beeke is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and a pastor of the Heritage Netherland Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Terry D. Slachter is the executive director of Project Philip, a ministry that helps equip local churches to fulfill the great commission through Bible distribution and discipleship materials, and served in parish ministry for over 25 years in the Christian Reformed Church.


There are men in the church of Jesus Christ who are not mighty preachers or evangelists, but are outstanding servants of the Lord because of their God-given ability to visit a congregation and spread encouragement. The very news of their coming can lift the spirits of a church with anticipation and then their actual ministries, both privately and publicly, can renew the aspirations of young and old in Christ. Full of faith and the Holy Spirit, these people are the means under God of building up the morale of wilting congregations, giving them courage and making God's people feel they can stand, and they can go on, and that they will indeed overcome a time of heaviness. Such Christian leaders are inspirational men and their ministries make people feel strong. Of course it is God who gives such gifts to them to do this. The same Spirit that came upon Barnabas and made him a son of encouragement is upon them, and hundreds like them in our day. But as in all the stewardship of preaching and pastoral graces, such a gift needs to be refined, educated, and stirred up. This is one of the grand benefits that comes from the careful and prayerful reading of this book. You owe it to the people of God to become a son or daughter of encouragement. It is an exercise of Christian prudence, and an energizing ministry of the Spirit of God to do this in you and through you to the body of Christ.  --Geoff Thomas, pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales

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Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 211
Author: Beeke & Slachter
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2013