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Classics of Reformed Spirituality - A Spiritual Appeal to Christ's Bride
vanLodenstein, J.

Classics of Reformed Spirituality - A Spiritual Appeal to Christ's Bride

ISBN: 9781601781062
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Book Description:

A Spiritual Appeal to Christ's Bride consists of nine sermons preached by Jodocus van Lodenstein, one of the most prominent leaders of the Dutch Further Reformation. The sermons stress themes that are dear to the preacher's heart: the need for the Holy Spirit to carry the Reformation further than the mind, the need for perpetual reformation and growth in piety, the need to cultivate holiness and self-denial, and the need to know and experience as Christ's bride an intimate spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ the perfect Bridegroom. The book calls nominal Christians to a more profound commitment to Christ, stressing that only such a commitment can deliver the church from shallowness and unholiness. Today, more than ever, the church needs to heed this call to awaken from its spiritual slumber.

Table of Contents:

1. Belonging to God Involves Self-Denial (1)
2. Belonging to God Involves Self-Denial (2)
3. Self-Denial Involves Submitting to God's Will
4. Dead Hearts
5. God's Departure From the Church
6. Divine Illumination in Conversion
7. Vain Excuses for Turning from Christ
8. The Bride's Charge to the Daughters of Jerusalem
9. The Bride Brought into Christ's Chambers


Jodocus Van Lodenstein (1620-1677) was a prominent preacher and poet of the Dutch Further Reformation, which stressed the practice of biblical piety.


"I am so pleased that these Dutch classics are now available to a wide audience. The writings of the Dutch Further Reformation—almost completely inaccessible until now to the English-speaking world—are a gold mine of spiritual wisdom."
--Richard J. Mouw,
president, Fuller Theological Seminary

"I am delighted that the Dutch Reformed Translation Society is at last making this material available in the English language. It is a landmark feature of our Reformed heritage, and it is rich food for the soul in this or any other age."
--J. I. Packer, Regent College

"Many will surely welcome this new access to the Dutch authors whose strong writings put faith and certainty into generations of their fellow countrymen. By their closeness to Scripture and their concern for heart and head (heat and light), they remain of enduring value."
--Iain H. Murray, author of The Puritan Hope

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 173
Author: vanLodenstein, J.
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2010