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Victory in Jesus: A Devotional Commentary on the Book of Revelation
Johnson, Donald R.

Victory in Jesus: A Devotional Commentary on the Book of Revelation

ISBN: 9781599256009
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Book Description:

The book of Revelation is one of the most encouraging and devotional books in the Bible, but sadly, it is one of the most neglected and misunderstood as well. Though there are many good commentaries that help us to understand its message, there are few that capture the devotional nature of the book. And this is unfortunate, as the book of Revelation is not properly understood or appreciated without engagement of our minds and hearts.

One of the central objectives of John is to lead us to admiration and awe. Above all else, it is meant to show us to Christ. With this in mind, Victory in Jesus not only brings light to many of the mysterious symbols of the cosmic drama depicted within the book, it captures its devotional nature by lifting our hearts to worship its leading character- the Lamb who was slain but now risen, who is worthy of all our praise.

Not only is the Revelation of John meant to show how Christ is the victor over the adversaries of God and the church but also to encourage the church to continue battling all the ungodly enemies of truth and holiness until the Captain of our salvation comes and subdues everything under His feet. Truly, in Christ Jesus we have the victory. 


"Don Johnson shows us that the Revelation given to John on Patmos and recorded by him as the final word of prophecy serves the church with glorious and encouraging truths in the present day. Johnson applies pertinent passages from throughout Scripture to help the reader understand the images and events set forth in this last book of the Bible. It preaches. The clarity of positive assertion and exhortation based on confident exegetical brevity will benefit anyone who undertakes to preach this book that gives the tree of life and also takes away the tree of life."
--Tom J.Nettles

"A devotional commentary on the book of Revelation from an amillennial perspective- a rare gem indeed! While not every interpretation will suit every reader, Donald Johnson has written a work that is pastorally warm, full of practical application, and best of all, thoroughly Christ-centered. I will joyfully recommend it to my entire congregation."
--Rob Ventura

"It takes a special talent to take sound doctrine and interpretation of the Scriptures and make it practical and lively to the layman. This is especially true of the Revelation of John. As I have dipped into Don Johnson's work, however, I have found both sound doctrine and interpretation where one often finds nonsensical exegesis and questionable teaching. I also discovered lively, timely, and practical application of the text. May God give this book a wide readership."
-Sam Waldron

"Occasionally a book comes along that separates itself from other Christian works. Victory in Jesus is just such a book, one that will impact its readers in much the same way as Owen's The Mortification of Sin or Tozer's The Knowledge of the Holy. Clarity and simplicity are not words that are usually associated with the book of Revelation, yet Donald R. Johnson is able to skillfully expose the beauty, comfort, and Christ-exalting nature of the Revelation of John in a way that makes it accessible to readers of any theological level. Victory in Jesus will stir your soul as it magnifies the gospel and unveils Revelation as the book of hope that it was written to be."
-Liz Smith, Reformed Editorial Services

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 348
Author: Johnson, Donald R.
Publisher: Free Grace Press
Publication Date: 2018