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The Absurdity of Unbelief: A Worldview Apologetic of the Christian Faith
Johnson, Jeffrey D.

The Absurdity of Unbelief: A Worldview Apologetic of the Christian Faith

ISBN: 9781599253534
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Book Description:

Because all non-Christian worldviews are indefensible, it is not sufficient for skeptics to attack Christianity without also defending the foundation for their own unbelief. Everyone has a worldview, even atheists and skeptics, but only the Christian worldview is not self-contradictory. The Absurdity of Unbelief demonstrates why every possible reason for unbelief is irrational and ultimately meaningless by exposing the various self-refuting systems of thought in which these objections are rooted.

Table of Contents:
Part I: The Nature of Unbelief
1. Faith is not Blind
2. Faith is Not Subjectivity
3. Faith is Not Irrational
Part II: What Shapes Belief
4. Shaped by Self-Interest
5. Shaped by Self-Evident Truths
6. Shaped by Conscience
7. Shaped by Our Worldview
8. Shaped by Three Ultimate Questions
9. Shaped by Our Presuppositions
Part III: How to Test Beliefs
10. Cohesiveness is Mandatory
Part IV: The Irrationality of Unbelief
11. The Irrationality of Naturalism
12. The Irrationality of Evolution
13. The Irrationality of Empiricism & Determinism
14. The Irrationality of Relativism & Nihilism
15. The Irrationality of Existentialism
16. The Irrationality of Postmodernism
17. The Irrationality of All Nontheistic Religions
18. The Irrationality of Islam & Judaism
19. The Irrationality of Non-Trinitarian Religions
20. The Irrationality of Unitarian Monotheism
Part V: The Grounds for Belief
21. Supported by Presuppositionalism
22. Supported by Cohesiveness
23. Supported by Reason & Evidence
24. Supported by Historical Record
25. Supported by Experience
26. Supported by Revelation
27. Supported by Illumination
Part VI: The Call to Believe
28. The Gracious Call to Surrender Guilt


Jeffrey D. Johnson is the founding pastor of Grace Bible Church and President of Grace Bible Theological Seminary in Conway, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife, Letha, and their four children. He is the author of several books, including The Church, The Kingdom of God, The Absurdity of Unbelief, The Pursuit of Glory, and The Sovereignty of God.


"Chapter by chapter Jeffrey Johnson strips unbelief of any vestige of credibility, then shows with crystal clarity why the biblical case for God stands supreme when contrasted with all other philosophical and religious belief systems. I predict that this book will be as great a help to many of its readers as it has been to me, and I commend it warmly. "
--John Blanchard

"In The Absurdity of Unbelief, Jeffrey Johnson provides a clear and compelling case for the Christian faith, readable and usable for believer and unbeliever alike."
--James White

"Jeffrey Johnson's scholarship and historical understanding of the entree field of philosophy and the other so-called religions is evident throughout the book. He has done a masterful job in showing that the Christian worldview is the only system that will meet all the tests of logic and ethics. "
--Curtis Thomas

"The Absurdity of Unbelief will challenge the unbeliever's skepticism and will confirm the believer's faith. I highly recommend it."
--Robert R. Gonzales Jr

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 352
Publisher: Free Grace Press
Publication Date: 2021