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A Pastor's Sketches: Conversations with Anxious Souls Concerning the Way of Salvation
Spencer, Ichabod

A Pastor's Sketches: Conversations with Anxious Souls Concerning the Way of Salvation

ISBN: 9781599253329
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Book Description:

A Pastor's Sketches is one of the finest and most unique books ever written on the subject of evangelistic and pastoral ministry. It should rightly take its place on the desk of every pastor, but is immensely useful to anyone helping others to know God.

Drawing on his meticulous note-taking from evangelistic efforts, Spencer accurately retells a helpful sampling of these encounters, including many of the excuses, spiritual strongholds, and lies that keep souls away from Christ. Each chapter, or sketch, includes a narrative of Spencer's efforts to apply the Scriptures under the guiding counsel of the Holy Spirit in order to help people overcome their personal obstacles to faith and repentance. He then shares with us the primary lessons which can be learned from each interaction. Written in this way, the reader is able to peer over Spencer's shoulder across a wide range of pastoral counseling, witnessing his love and patience with needy souls and gaining wisdom along the way.

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Also, the book has two new appendices. The first contains sketch summaries in which each chapter, or sketch, is given a brief summary along the following three points: (1) a recount of the reservations/hesitations/problems of the person; (2) Spencer's method of treating him/her; (3) the chief point to be learned from the sketch.
The second appendix is a subject index for the book, based on the summary index. These two appendices makes it much easier to locate sketches which correspond to difficulties and subjects with which you may be dealing at any given time as you counsel with others.


Ichabod Smith Spencer (1798-1854) was born in Rupert, Vermont. The Lord called him to preach, and he was called to serve as a colleague-pastor of the Congregational Church in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1828 the church made famous by Jonathan Edwards. His ministry at Northampton was remarkably blessed with conversions. Later in 1832 he accepted the call to the Second Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York where he remained for 22 years. By the time of his death the church had grown to be one of the largest and most influential in all of New York State. His biographer states that he was one of the greatest preachers the American Pulpit produced during that era. At the same time, his greatest gift and legacy was in the pastoral ministry. This can clearly be seen in this justly famous A Pastor s Sketches which became one of the best selling titles in North America.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 620
Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
Publication Date: 2013