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Jesus Loves the Church And So Should You
Blackburn, Earl M.

Jesus Loves the Church And So Should You

ISBN: 9781599252490
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Book Description:

Earl Blackburn has served the Lord in the Church since December 27th, 1976. He has served seven years in Utah, twenty-two years in California, and now four years in Louisiana. Over the past several years brother Earl has battled with cancer which has caused him to appreciate the church more than ever.

This book is written by a man who has a burning passion for the Church of Christ, and who desires to stir up the hearts of people all over the world to love the Church Christ loved enough to lay down his life for her.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 146
Author: Blackburn, Earl M.
Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
Publication Date: 2010