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Next Children's Story Hour: Tuesday, March 12
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Winter's Folly
Walton, O.F.

Winter's Folly

ISBN: 9781597650069
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Book Description:

Mr. Winter has built a cold little stone house on the bluff. There's no protection from the storms. It is barren and forlorn - just like Mr. Winter's heart. Twins, Myrtle and Ivy, have seen the sadness in their neighbour. Mother has taught them it is not enough to pity someone who is hurting. Compassion is action. The girls start in little ways to show Jesus' love.

Through the loving kindness of these little Christians, Mr. Winter finds his way back to God. The old man is able to confide to Myrtle his sad story of loss through death, poverty and selfishness. God has not forgotten Mr. Winter and brings joy to his heart once again.


Mrs. Octavius Walton was born in 1849 in England and died in 1939. Her first book was published in 1870 under her father's name.  The theme of all her stories was God's redeeming love.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 191
Author: Walton, O.F.
Publisher: AB Publishing
Publication Date: 2006