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Wolf Dog
Anderson, Ken

Wolf Dog

ISBN: 9781597650038
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Book Description:

Tooley Paggert had faith in his dog Gyp even though Gyp looked just like a wolf - because he was part wolf, you see. And Tooley's faith was unshaken even in the face of seeming evidence that Gyp was turning into a sheep-killer.

Mrs. Paggert, Tooley's mother, was almost ready to turn the dog over to the police, when Gyp proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was not harming the sheep.

Boys, and girls too, will thrill to this stirring story of a boy's faith in his dog - and his faith and confidence in God. Tooley prayed about his problems - but he did something about them too!

Here's a story with an important lesson for young people. The lesson is so skillfully woven into the narrative, however, that it becomes a natural part of the story, not tacked-on "preaching." The Wolf Dog is a warm-hearted, sympathetic portrayal of a boy and a dog that will join the ranks of best-loved dog stories - at the very top of the list. Gyp is the most loveable dog you've ever met, and Tooley might well be the boy next door.


Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 151
Author: Anderson, Ken
Publisher: Ken's Educational
Publication Date: 2006