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Adventures in the American Revolution Series - Annie Henry & the Mysterious Stranger
Olasky, Susan

Adventures in the American Revolution Series - Annie Henry & the Mysterious Stranger

ISBN: 9781596383760
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Book Description:

This third book of the Adventures in the American Revolution series gives young people an exciting look at life during America's War of Independence.

Annie Henry is finding out that being the governor's daughter in colonial Virginia comes with its own set of problems.

Annie's father, the great American patriot Patrick Henry, has been elected governor of Virginia. and that means 12-year-old Annie has a new home - the governor's mansion in Williamsburg. Most girls would be thrilled, but to Annie, it seems like more trouble than it's worth.

There's a scary stranger who keeps bothering her, simply because her dad is 'important.'  And people in the capital city expect a politicians's daughter to act a certain way. Even her new school is very different.

All in all, these changes are a little frightening to Annie.  Especially when she realizes that as she's changing she's growing apart from her father and feeling more and more like God is far away too.

Should she tell anyone about what is going on? of does 'growing up' mean handling problems by herself?


Susan Olasky cofounded and chaired the Austin Crisis Pregnancy Center in Austin, Texas. She is author of several books, book review editor, and senior writer for WORLD magazine.


"What Annie Henry learns gives her the impulse to explore and sets the stage for exciting adventures. At times her faith is tested, but in the process she learns to trust in God anew." -Sandra Morrow

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 123
Author: Olasky, Susan
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Date: 2011