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Basics of the Faith - What is Vocation?
Nichols, Stephen J.

Basics of the Faith - What is Vocation?

ISBN: 9781596381773
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Book Description:

For some people, work is tedious and boring - something to endure until the weekend arrives. For others, work is everything; it consumes them and their time. The former find no meaning or satisfaction in their jobs, the latter find too much - both lack an eternal perspective, a biblical framework through which they can evaluate what they spend most of their lives doing.

This booklet offers that framework. Work, as ordained by God, has meaning and purpose. And by understanding your own vocation, you too can say with the psalmist, 'Yes, establish the work of our hands!'

Additional Information:

Cover: Booklet
Number of Pages: 31
Author: Nichols, Stephen J.
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Date: 2010