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Lamplighter Collection - The Secret Bridge
LeFeuvre, Amy

Lamplighter Collection - The Secret Bridge

ISBN: 9781584742524
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Book Description:

This provocative story, written later in life by our beloved Amy Le Feuvre, reveals a depth beyond that of her previous works. Readers from all walks of life will be moved by her sensitivity to the tensions of the human spirit.

We are brought into Bridget’s world, where she finds herself penniless and alone, resisting the kindness of Godfrey Bullingham. Her intelligent, practical mind can accept neither pity nor charity. But time brings change. Relationships are built and promises are made, but secrets complicate a once peaceful life.

Now a young bride, Bridget is challenged: “Acquaint thyself with Him.” From that day forward, her quest to know God takes front and center as she wrestles with life and uncovers the mysteries surrounding her.

The Secret Bridge encourages us to become more acquainted with Christ, waiting for Him as a bride awaits her bridegroom, and falling more in love as we read His letters and eagerly anticipate His coming!


Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 261
Author: LeFeuvre, Amy
Publisher: Lamplighter Publishing
Publication Date: 2019