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Boys Heritage Set - Kanousky the Indian Boy & David Brainerd

Boys Heritage Set - Kanousky the Indian Boy & David Brainerd

ISBN: 9781583391341
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Book Description:

Two stories in one: First, read of Kanousky, whose circumstances of life are tragically altered, but discovering the truth about Jesus so transforms his life, he can later look back with gladness on the changes he was forced to endure. The second story is of David Brainerd, briefly introducing young readers to the labors of one of America's most persevering missionaries, unstoppable in his zeal to reach the American Indian.

The grace of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and how seeks and finds His lost sheep is the theme of the first story about Kanousky, a poor Indian boy who survives a battle and ends up lost and alone. In his need, he stumbles upon some farmers who called themselves "Christians." God's Word makes a lasting impression on Kanousky'ss life, that grows throughout his trials and adventures, and soon, "though he was lost", he soon regards himself as "found by the Lord."

In a second story, we learn of David Brainerd, the Indian Missionary, whose preaching among Indian peoples soon led him to completely turn his back on civilization and go live among his hearers, to teach and exemplify the Word of God before them. The story tells of Brainerd's labors and the conversions and growing faith among the Indians. Brainerd did much to help extend the kingdom of Christ. A moving children's book which will teach boys to aspire for lofty goals.

One of 9 titles in The Boy's Heritage Set.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 54
Author: unknown
Publisher: Grace & Truth
Publication Date: 2007