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Boys Heritage Set - Two Wealthy Farmers
More, Hannah

Boys Heritage Set - Two Wealthy Farmers

ISBN: 9781583391280
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Book Description:

This is a story showing the sharp contrasts between two farmers and their families. Mr. Worthy is a devoted Christian with a wonderful pious and godly home. Mr.Bragwell and his family possess only a worldly show of social religion and live in a home of vanity and pride.
On many occasions Mr. Worthy counseled Mr. Bragwell on the error of his ways but his admonitions fell on scornful ears. Not until death and ruin strike his family does Mr. Bragwell realize the truths set forth by his friend are the only paths to everlasting happiness.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 144
Author: More, Hannah
Publisher: Grace & Truth
Publication Date: 2004