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Girls Heritage Set - Grace Raymond

Girls Heritage Set - Grace Raymond

ISBN: 9781583391198
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Book Description:

The story of Grace Raymond portrays to children the life-transforming power of our kind God. Though we are so unlike Him, He is willing and able by His great grace to change us!

As your little girls read of temperamental, hot-headed Grace who at first defends and justifies her angry outbursts, but learns of the depths of sin in her heart, they will learn to seek the Lord for grace to deal with their own weaknesses. Grace comes to dread the grip her anger has in her life, and once prone to bitterly reject those who pointed out her failures, she comes to love those who help her see her sin, directing her to Christ and repentance. In a story that deals forthrightly with a common weakness in children, your family will not soon forget Grace's struggle and the glowing example she becomes, of one who is kind even when provoked.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 62
Author: unknown
Publisher: Grace & Truth
Publication Date: 2005