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Shared Life: The Trinity and the Fellowship of God’s People
MacLeod, Donald

Shared Life: The Trinity and the Fellowship of God’s People

ISBN: 9781527110694
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Book Description:

A 30th anniversary edition of a classic book on the Trinity by one of Britain's most prominent theologians.

Donald Macleod argues that our understanding of the Trinity matters because 'it is the model for the way we should live, particularly in our relations with one another.' The relationship between Father, Son and Spirit is laid out in Scripture, and although fully grasping the concept of this divine mystery will always be beyond us, we can understand it better. It is critically important that we do, for if our understanding of God is wrong, it may lead to other wrong beliefs.

Donald Macleod's faithful insight into what Scripture has to say about the Godhead is priceless, as relevant now as when it was first published. This 30th anniversary edition has been newly typeset and has a new cover, and will be an invaluable resource to a new generation of readers.

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Part 1 - One God: Three Persons
  1 Evidence from the Bible
  2 The First Christian Thinkers
Part 2 - Trinitarian Religion
  3 Our Understanding of God
  4 Our Attitude to Human Beings
  5 Our Life As The Church
  6 The Trinity and The Christian Life
Part 3 - Under Attack
  7 Judaism and Islam
  8 Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses ....


Donald Macleod (1940-2023) was the Principal of the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh until 2010. Regarded as one of Britain's most prominent theologians he wrote extensively on a wide range of issues.


I have not read a more accessible and well-written treatment than Donald Macleod's book, Shared Life. It is a truly enjoyable read and I am very thankful to see it republished in this new 30th anniversary edition. May the Lord use this excellent resource for a new generation. I commend it warmly.
--Nate Pickowicz, Pastor, Harvest Bible Church, Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire

The Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, when rightly appreciated, is one of the most precious truths on which a believer may meditate. For the beginner, Shared Life provides the ideal introduction. It is simple, clear, straight forward, and practical (without being superficial).
--Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

Shared Life offers readers the chance to sit once more in the classroom of one of the great Scottish theologians of the last century. Here we have Donald Macleod at his finest, constantly reminding us that the doctrine of the Trinity is far more than a topic for academic study. It is a truth with the potential to transform us as we draw near to consider the shared love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
--Hunter Nicholson, Donald Macleod Researcher

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 127
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2024