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Island Aflame: The Famed Lewis Awakening that Never Occurred and the Glorious Revival that Did
Lennie, Tom

Island Aflame: The Famed Lewis Awakening that Never Occurred and the Glorious Revival that Did

ISBN: 9781527110519
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Book Description:

Revival history expert sorts fact from myth in the story of one of the best known revivals

Scotland has played host to a vast array of religious revivals over the course of its history, but by far the best known of these is the Lewis Revival of 1949-52 (also known as the Hebrides revival). The stories around it are extraordinary, with the Spirit working in the lives of many people across this Scottish island.

There have been, however, rumours and myths that have grown up around the stories of the Lewis Revival, that did not actually occur. Revival history expert, Tom Lennie, examines the eye witness accounts and sorts the amazing true story from the exaggerations that have become entangled.

The story of the revival that truly occurred is based on overwhelming evidence. Its essence was powerful preaching, based on God's word. It was a remarkable, life changing event for hundreds of individuals, and that still has an impact today.

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Part 1: Revival Island
  Chapter 1 - Revival Myths
  Chapter 2 - Revival Heritage
  Chapter 3 - Revival Preconditions
  Chapter 4 - Revival in Point
Part 2: Barvas Breakout
  Chapter 5 - Revival Beckons
  Chapter 6 - Revival Begins 63
  Chapter 7 - Revival Blossoms
  Chapter 8 - Revival Broadens
Part 3: Revival Extended
  Chapter 9 - Revival Advance: North
  Chapter 10 - Revival Advance: West
  Chapter 11 - Revival Advance: East
  Chapter 12 - Revival Advance: Southwest
  Chapter 13 - Revival Advance: Harris
Part 4: Revival in Focus
  Chapter 14 - Awareness of God
  Chapter 15 - Revival Phenomena
  Chapter 16 - Revival Visitors
  Chapter 17 - Revival Conduit
  Chapter 18 - Revival Hope
Part 5: Revival Controversy
  Chapter 19 - Revival Theology
  Chapter 20 - Revival Denied
  Chapter 21 - Revival Falsified
Part 6: Post Revival
  Chapter 22 - Revival Decline
  Chapter 23 - Revival Afterglow
  Chapter 24 - Revival Statistics


A native of Orkney, Tom Lennie serves as Executive Editor of Prophecy Today UK. With a longstanding fascination with revival history, he is the author of Glory in the Glen, Land of Many Revivals, and Scotland Ablaze.


Having lived through these thrilling days, we can say that Tom Lennie gives an accurate picture, the most accurate that we have seen.
--William and Margaret Macleod, Barvas, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Tom Lennie has accomplished a Herculean task in providing us with a comprehensive and searching examination of the evidence for the Lewis revival of 1949-52. The quality, depth and perception of his research shines through every page of this monumental study.
Island Aflame is, in essence, the most comprehensive and honest treatment of a movement which has been made famous in Christian circles throughout the world. It needs to be read by all who want to know and understand the true Lewis revival of 1949-52.
--Steve Taylor, Photographer; author, Skye Ablaze: Spiritual Awakening on the Isle of Skye and the Maritimes

This book contains careful research, fascinating history and, above all, a wonderful reminder of the mighty works done by God in the Outer Hebrides.
--Thomas Davis, Minister, Carloway Free Church, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

A must read for anyone seeking to understand genuine revival. I pray that 'Island Aflame' will set your own heart aflame.
--Shane Idleman, Lead Pastor, Westside Christian Fellowship, Leona Valley, California

The beautiful thing that comes from Tom Lennie's book is that, although some of the well-known stories may not have been entirely factual, many of them were true indeed! I was left being greatly edified and encouraged.
--R. T. Kendall, Previous minister of Westminster Chapel, London

Tom Lennie … has rightly focused on the revival of hungry hearts through the ministry of God's word and the power of the Holy Spirit, and he has done an excellent job - providing a most accurate account.
--Donald John Smith, Ballantrushal, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 386
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2023