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The Big Ten Critical Questions Answered - Why Does the God of the Old Testament Seem so Violent and Hateful?
Belcher, Richard P.,

The Big Ten Critical Questions Answered - Why Does the God of the Old Testament Seem so Violent and Hateful?

ISBN: 9781527110168
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Book Description:

Atheists often level charges at the God of the Bible as being angry and hateful. They claim that God condones genocide, that He is a cruel and oppressive megalomaniac, but this doesn't seem to match what Christians claim about Him being a God of love. How can a God who provides and saves also wipe out entire nations?

Richard Belcher's addition to the Big Ten series addresses these commonly asked questions. He begins by laying out how God created humanity in His own image, but we chose to reject Him. Our very sense that things are not fair points to the perfect justice of God. Belcher shows that God's justice, including expressions of anger against wrongdoing, is compatible with His love and goodness.

Belcher then tackles specific texts in the Bible that seem to promote genocide and oppression and shows how the God of the Old Testament is the same loving, generous, gracious God that we meet in the person of Jesus Christ.

An excellent read for any who struggle to answer questions about the character of God and for those looking to bolster their faith in the God of the Bible.


Richard P. Belcher, Jr. is the John D. and Frances M. Gwin Professor of Old Testament and the Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary Charlotte. He is the author of The Messiah and the Psalms, as well as commentaries on Genesis, Job and Ecclesiastes and has a decade of pastoral experience.


Although the New Atheism has now fizzled out, many of its arguments have spread widely into the culture-not least the idea that the God of the Old Testament is mean, vicious and hateful. In this thorough, well researched book, Richard Belcher explores why this argument fails. It will be a helpful addition to any pastor's library!
--Andy Bannister, Director of Solas (Centre for Public Christianity), UK

Despite its small size, this book provides deep and rich reflection on tough texts in the Old Testament. Tackling all the hottest topics head on, Belcher shows that it is atheists, not Christians, who have the toughest case to answer.
--Peter J. Williams, Principal, Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK; author, Can We Trust the Gospels?

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 202
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2023