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The Most Unlikely Missionaries: Serving God’s Kingdom in the Middle Kingdom
Gurvsy, J.M.

The Most Unlikely Missionaries: Serving God’s Kingdom in the Middle Kingdom

ISBN: 9781527109896
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Book Description:

The Gurvsy family arrived in China during 2017. Two years later they were back home, reeling from the experience and asking, 'What happened?'.

After being sent out to missional work, the Gurvsys look back at newsletters, diaries, examining memories and their culture shocks; all with the prayer-fuelled awareness of God, His ways, His Word and His promises.

This book is a narrative made possible by reflection. It's a story of waiting, action and benching. It's less an account of missional life in Asia. Rather, a story which reflects the complexities, challenges, choices and changes humanity experiences while here on earth. It's a letter to all who are called to go, be it at home, in work or overseas.


J.M. Gurvsy (a pen name) is a minister of the gospel in a biblical, confessional Presbyterian denomination in North America. He and his wife, along with their five children, served as missionaries to China from 2017 to 2019.


A compelling read. The writer's honesty, passion and struggles are refreshing … The book should be essential reading for all missionary candidates but also for church/mission leaders, especially in not rushing the process. You will benefit from reading this excellent book!
--D. Eryl Davies, Elder, Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff

… demonstrates all the benefits and all the pitfalls of modern mission work: the ability to be on the field in less than a day (as opposed to weeks), but also the dangers and frustrations of working in a country antagonistic to the gospel. Welcome to the real world of modern missions.
--Ben Shaw, Professor of Old Testament, Reformation Bible College

The fullness of God's grace produces surprising fruit when crises become ministry opportunities, barriers turn into blessings, and isolated conditions yield unexpected occasions for fellowship.
--John R. Muether, Dean of Libraries and Professor of Church History, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

This page-turning account of God calling one family to serve in an extraordinary way will open your eyes to both the darkness and gospel opportunity in foreign lands.
--Pat Daly, Vice President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, South Carolina

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 219
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2023