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God's Rascal: The Jacob Narrative in Genesis 25-35
Davis, Dale Ralph

God's Rascal: The Jacob Narrative in Genesis 25-35

ISBN: 9781527108974
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Book Description:

Beloved author Dale Ralph Davis looks at one of the most fascinating characters in the Bible, and the God who was faithful to him.

The character of Jacob that we meet in chapters 25-35 of Genesis is a fascinating one. A kaleidoscopic blend of deviousness and doggedness, of trickery and tenacity, of folly and faith. As readers we can't help being drawn into his story. With his trademark wit and perceptive comments Dale Ralph Davis guides us through the story of this rogue and traces the evidence of grace, providence, blessing throughout his life.

Taking us chapter by chapter through this fundamental section of scripture, Davis highlights not only the character of Jacob, but the character of the God who cared for him and faithfully kept his promises to him.

Setting the Stage 
1 A Brouhaha in the Making (25:19-34) 
2 Ordinary People and the Kingdom of God (26:1-33) 
3 The Promise of God and Four Sinners (26:34-28:9) 
4 Grace that is Greater than all our Bungling (28:10-22) 
5 A Bit of Glad, Bad and Sad (29:1-30) 
6 A Biblical Soap Opera (29:31-30:24) 
7 Almost Exodus Time (Genesis 30:25-31:21) 
8 Escape from Chicanery (31:22-55) 
9 Preparing for your Worst Nightmare (32:1-21)
10 A Grace Collision (32:22-32)
11 'First be Reconciled to your Brother ...' (33:1-20)
12 Covenant in Peril (34:1-35:8)
13 The Mixed Bag of Covenant Living (35:9-29)
14 The Rest of the Story


Dale Ralph Davis was Minister in Residence, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to that he was pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi.


… a taste of Dr. D's clever wit, rich illustrations, expositional precision as well as his gift for explaining a text in ways that engages both biblical scholar and everyday man in the streets. Every pastor would benefit from having Dr. Davis' collection in his library.
--Pat Davey, Assistant Pastor, Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church, Fairhope, Alabama

This is the kind of book to … bring all of God's people to lift up their hearts to a faithful, durable God who has rascals in His family, and knows how to save them despite themselves. Davis will leave readers and disciples with more hope than they've had in ages.
--Michael W. Philliber, Senior Pastor, Heritage Presbyterian Church (PCA), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

God's Rascal is vintage Davis. Whether you are a first-timer to Ralph's expositions or a groupie like me, you will greatly benefit from this book on Genesis 25-35. Jacob is indeed 'God's Rascal,' but he is a rascal saved by grace.
--Chris O'Brien, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Picayune, Mississippi

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 136
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2022