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Church for Grown-Ups: Intentional Maturity for Gospel Congregations
Benton, John

Church for Grown-Ups: Intentional Maturity for Gospel Congregations

ISBN: 9781527106802
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Book Description:

In a self-centred, immature world the Church is called to be different.

Christians of all ages should be growing in spiritual maturity. John Benton guides us through what the book of Philippians has to say about a maturing church and gives helpful suggestions for how this can be put into practice and shows the joy that can be ours when we live God's way.

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John Benton is Director of Pastoral Support for The Pastors' Academy at London Seminary. John & his wife Ann have written a number of books and at present are involved in a church planting venture. They are often asked to speak at Christian conferences.


"Watch out cruise-control Christians-you will never look at Philippians the same way again! … John Benton deftly draws out six expectations Paul had for the church at Philippi (quality, priority, community, integrity, stability, and generosity). Every member of the Body of Christ would do well to read and reflect upon these truths for maturity in Christ. I profited much from this study."
--Flip Michaels, Associate Pastor, GraceLife Church, Hershey, Pennsylvania

"… discipleship means commitment, and commitment involves sacrifice. Paul's deep love for the church is evident throughout Philippians, and John Benton's love for the local church shines through this short book. Real joy comes when we are liberated from the endless and futile quest for self-fulfilment, and give ourselves to Christ and to His people."
--Sharon James, Social Policy Analyst, The Christian Institute

"John Benton reflects in a thoughtful and warm but also challenging way on how churches and individual Christians have become juvenile like the world rather than mature in Christ. He draws six aspects of maturity from Philippians and lays out practical ways in which we can pursue it."
--Garry Williams, Director, John Owen Centre, London Theological Seminary ? 1.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 99
Author: Benton, John
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2021