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Reforming Free Will: A Conversation on the History of Reformed Views of Compatibilism
Helm, Paul

Reforming Free Will: A Conversation on the History of Reformed Views of Compatibilism

ISBN: 9781527106062
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Book Description:

In the light of what powers and faculties are human beings responsible individuals in the everyday?

In his theological, historical and philosophical examination of reformed orthodox views of free will and divine sovereignty Paul Helm considers determinism and compatibilism and their historical development between 1500 and 1800. He graciously tackles the views of Richard A. Muller and Antonie Vos to argue that compatibilism is deeply rooted and represents the mainstream understanding of the reformers' conviction on the matter.

Table of Contents:
1. Orientation
2. Martin Luther and Necessity
3. John Calvin, Necessity and Contingency
4. Some Context
5. Francis Turretin and Jonathan Edwards: Theologians of the Same Niche
6. Causation in Doctrine
7. The Evidence of the Faculties


Paul Helm was Professor of the History and Philosophy of Religion, King's College, London, 1993 - 2000. Before that he taught at the University of Liverpool for thirty years, and afterwards at Regent College, Vancouver during the years 2001-5. He has written a number of books. His latest is Human Nature from Calvin to Edwards (2018).


"… worthy of finer engagement and examination by historians and theologians alike. In this work on Reformed Orthodox approaches to free will, human agency, and human choice, this scholarly contribution furthers the conversation on a range of debates historical, theological, and intellectual among proponents of synchronic contingency, indeterminism, and compatibilism."
--Todd Rester, Associate Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

"Paul Helm … displays his characteristic skill in theology, philosophy and history to argue that the reformed orthodox are rightly thought of as compatibilists. It is a significant contribution to the growing literature on this topic. I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in this issue or those that surround it."
--Michael Patrick Preciado, Minister, philosopher and author of A Reformed View of Freedom: The Compatibilism of Guidance Control and Reformed Theology

"… a scholarly yet readable discussion with interlocutors Richard A. Muller and Anthonie Vos on Reformed Orthodoxy anthropology, in particular human freedom, with attention to issues, such as (synchronic) contingency, compatibilism, and necessity. Highly recommended, and a must-read for any serious student and scholar of early modern studies."
--Adriaan C. Neele, Professor, Historical Theology and Director of the Doctoral Program, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 260
Author: Helm, Paul
Publisher: Mentor by Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2020