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Trail Blazers - Maud Kells: Fearless in the Forest
Gibson, Jean

Trail Blazers - Maud Kells: Fearless in the Forest

ISBN: 9781527105294
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Book Description:

'Suddenly out of the darkness two masked men in camouflage clothing ran towards me pointing something shaped like a gun.'

At 25 years of age Maud Kells went to the Congo as a medical missionary with WEC International. She went to replace others who had been recently martyred.

Years later she herself found herself close to death on the floor of her own operating theatre. A rebel soldier's bullet went straight through her and only the Lords grace and her presence of mind saved her life in the end. Pushing her back against the wall to stop the flow of blood she gave herself enough time for other medical staff to come to her aid.

This is the story of a young Irish girl who went to Africa despite her family's objections due to the crystal clear call on her life of a God who assured her, 'I am with you I am all you need'. Maud found that out to be absolutely true in all circumstances.

Maud was recently awarded the OBE from Prince William

Additional Information:

Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 155
Author: Gibson, Jean
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2020