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What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? [A Short Book on Biblical Sexuality]
Strachan, Owen & Gavin Peacock

What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? [A Short Book on Biblical Sexuality]

ISBN: 9781527104778
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Book Description:

God made sexuality. It is a gift from Him. But His purpose for our sexuality has been distorted by sin.

Gavin Peacock and Owen Strachan encourage us to look at what God says about homosexuality, but also at the glorious truth of Christ's defeat of sin and redemption of our identities.

Table of Contents:
1. The Bible on Homosexuality
2. The Transforming Power of the Gospel
3. The Faithful Fight Against Sexual Sin
Frequently Asked Questions
About the Center for Biblical Sexuality


Gavin Peacock is associate pastor at Calvary Grace Church of Calgary, and the Director of International Outreach for CBMW. He played football professionally for Chelsea and Newcastle Utd.

Owen Strachan is Associate Professor of Christian Theology at MBTS in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the Director of the Center for Public Theology at MBTS.


"The terrible times of the last days are dominated by 'feel good' culture which has misled millions onto the destructive super-highway of illicit sex in its different forms. From Scripture, research and the experiences of individuals Peacock and Strachan expose the lies that tried and tested societal norms are bad and 'follow your heart' is good. This series is humble and hard-hitting - saying what needs to be said but which many Christian leaders have been afraid to say. However, this is no mere condemnatory diatribe pointing the finger. These pages are full of compassion. There is practical help for those struggling and a triumphant note that though sexual sin is overwhelming the power of the Lord Jesus Christ is greater. This is a very valuable piece of work."
--John Benton, Director of Pastoral Support, The Pastors' Academy, London Seminary, London, UK

"Pastor Peacock and Scholar Strachan form a rare combination and a dynamic duo in this thoroughly biblical response to the "strong winds of culture" that are blowing. They offer not just a "battle cry", but also a "declaration of hope". "
--Tim Cantrell, Senior Pastor, Antioch Bible Church & President of Shepherds' Seminary, Johannesburg, South Africa

"This series directly applies biblical truth to urgent matters of human sexuality, and does so with both pastoral sensitivity and theological integrity. All too often the church fails to respond to sexual sin with both compassion and clarity. This series does both, and does so with courage, verve, and an ever-present reminder that Jesus Christ is making all things new."
--David Talcott, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The King's College, New York City

"I enthusiastically endorse this biblical sexuality trilogy on lust, homosexuality and transgenderism, written by men of conviction (Strachan and Peacock), who know what God has revealed in His Word and who understand the sinful struggles of fallen humanity. The authors have courageously written about some of the most sensitive issues of our times, denouncing the deviation from God's original design, while always pointing to the person (Christ) who can give us the victory over such sinful desires and behaviors. If there was ever a generation in need of such a trilogy it is ours. What an insightful and powerful tool this will prove to be for the church of our time. These books are biblical, readable, practical and answer many of the questions many are asking. Every pastor, every leader, in fact, every person who wants to be thoroughly informed about these issues should read this trilogy."
--Miguel Nuñez, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"This biblically-centered and theologically-robust series on biblical sexuality is a tour de force. If you struggle with sexual sin, deal with questions about sexuality in your current ministry context, or desire to learn more about such issues, this trilogy of books is for you."
--Dustin W. Benge, Senior Fellow, The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies & Professor, Munster Bible College, Cork, Ireland

"We daily awake to a culture saturated with sexual temptation and confused about sexual identity. Instantaneous and worldwide media accelerate and proliferate these sinful ideologies in an unprecedented way. The Bible, however, provides supernatural power to overcome sexual temptation and divine definition for sexual identity. In this straightforward and powerful series, Strachan and Peacock relay a message of hope, transformation, and biblical recalibration because of Christ. These pages are a reveille bugle to wake up a generation sedated by sinful, sexual trajectories. This series is for pastors, parents, and anyone who desires biblical clarity in a world of confusion."
--Rick Holland, Senior Pastor, Mission Road Bible Church, Kansas City, Kansas

"These books are floodlights in the worldly storm. They don't claim to be exhaustive, but neither are they exhausting. They offer much-needed confidence to regular Christians on pilgrimage in this new dark age. But most of all, this trilogy highlights the compassion of Jesus Christ in the gospel. Read these books, share them with others, and let hope pierce the present darkness."
--Clint Humfrey, Senior Pastor, Calvary Grace Church, Calgary, Alberta

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 148
Author: Strachan, Owen & Gavin Peacock
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2020