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Scotland Ablaze: The Twenty-Year Fire of Revival that Swept Scotland 1858-79
Lennie, Tom

Scotland Ablaze: The Twenty-Year Fire of Revival that Swept Scotland 1858-79

ISBN: 9781527102675
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Book Description:

Many today may be discouraged by the condition of Christianity in Scotland, while unaware of its powerful legacy.

Following on from Glory in the Glen and Land of Many Revivals, Scotland Ablaze continues Tom Lennie's compelling historical series on Scottish revival movements. Lennie here focuses on the inspiring period from 1858-79 in which much of Scotland was spiritually awakened, affecting every Scottish county.

In three parts, Lennie guides us meticulously through the origins of the 1859-61 revival and each area affected, then goes on to chronicle a series of little-known revival after-waves that continued through the 1860s and early '70s, and finally the remarkable evangelistic campaign of Moody and Sankey, in which many have discerned the holy breath of authentic revival.

Through this deeply encouraging and fascinating read, may we not only see the power and impact of God's work in our history, but may we excitedly anticipate His miraculous work in our future.


A native of Orkney, Tom Lennie has long held a passionate interest in the history of Christian revivals worldwide. He has written many articles and reviews for journals, magazines and websites, and is the author of Glory in the Glen, Land of Many Revivals, and Rousay Remembered. His forthcoming study of late twentieth-century awakenings (1945-2000) will complete his four-volume series on Scotland's remarkable revival legacy over five centuries.


Lennie's historical grasp of the national and local context of the mid-Victorian era provides an insightful and scholarly grasp on what God was achieving during those years. In covering areas as geographically and culturally diverse as rural Aberdeenshire, industrial Lanarkshire, the borders and the north of Scotland Lennie has provided not only a scholar's understanding of the times, but he also describes the significance and importance of: passionate prayer, the role of the local church, itinerant preachers, and the impact of the Spirit on entire communities. Lennie's writing, however, should come with a 'health warning'; it is difficult to put it down once you begin to flick through its pages.
--Richard Gibbons, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina

As we read what God did in our past, I pray this book will do the same for a new generation, and stir us to cry to God to do a similar mighty work again. May Scotland be set ablaze for His glory once more!
--David Strain, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

You will find that this is a book you will be reluctant to put down. … Tom Lennie's latest book is candid about the difficulties and controversies which arise in revival but the overall effect is to challenge us to pray for the valley of dry bones to come alive again as a great army.
--David Meredith, Mission Director, Free Church of Scotland, Inverness

What I love about Tom's writing is the scholarly research that he puts into them, and yet he has an ability to relay that material so that it becomes a story that you want to read … and keep reading. … My prayer is that through reading this book, many will say 'I am waiting and longing for Scotland to be Ablaze again with revival fires'!
--Gordon Pettie, CEO Revelation TV & Author of Do It Again, Lord, Hey Howie and Not If, But When

The Living God is not done with revealing His revival glory to those who walk in repentance and faith, so it is also my prayer that this extraordinary book will not be read merely as an historical document, but that it will set hearts on fire for God and invigorate the people of God to seek Him once again for showers of blessing on a dry and thirsty land.
--Paul Hattaway, Founder and Director, Asia Harvest & Author of many books

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 630
Author: Lennie, Tom
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2018