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The New Calvinism: New Reformation or Theological Fad?
Buice, Josh: editor

The New Calvinism: New Reformation or Theological Fad?

ISBN: 9781527100909
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Book Description:

In recent decades, there has been a shift in the landscape and focus of the Church. Topics such as the Sovereignty of God and humanity's utter helplessness without him have become more widely appreciated. Books are being written and conferences attended in their thousands. This apparent renewal of interest in grappling with Scripture has created a movement labelled as New Calvinism. But is it really any different to 'old' Calvinism - and will it be of any lasting benefit to the Church?

Josh Buice has been the Pastor of Pray's Mill Baptist Church in Georgia since 2010. Prior to this, he pastored congregations in Kentucky and Tennessee. He is married to Kari, and they have four children.

Paul Washer, Steven J. Lawson, conrad Mbewe, Tim Challies. Josh Buice


"The five contributors to this volume are all exemplary Christian leaders. Their counsel to young Calvinists and future church leaders is right on target. I've not read a more edifying and satisfying book in a long time."  --- Phillip R. Johnson, Executive Director, Grace to You Ministries

An outstanding collection of essays.... This book celebrates the achievements of New Calvinism, while also recognizing ... the essential elements of the Reformed faith which should be recovered and reapplied to the lives of God's people today. It is essential reading. --- Liam Goligher, Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The "New Calvinism" is not so young now, but it is still restless and Reformed. This book by the same name offers a cogent explanation for its existence, a heartfelt plea for its integrity, a thoughtful critique to sustain its biblical moorings, and a hopeful assessment for its abiding impact. Friends and foes of Calvinism alike will profit by reading this work." --- Peter Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I devoured this book and am profoundly grateful for it. I enthusiastically commend it to you, your pastor, and your church." ---Justin Peters, Founder of Justin Peters Ministries

"Finally! A cogent and Biblical polemic aimed at the neo-reformed movement. "New Calvinism" honestly and lovingly challenges those who snap selfies with a cognac in one hand and a cigar in the other to answer the question, "Does my life match my doctrine?"" ---Todd Friel, Host of Wretched TV and Radio, and the author of multiple books, and DVD's

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 127
Author: Buice, Josh: editor
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2018