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Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament
Currid, John D.

Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament

ISBN: 9781433531835
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Book Description:

Did the Old Testament writers borrow ideas from their pagan neighbors? And if they did, was it done uncritically? A respected Old Testament scholar and archaeologist engages with this controversial question by carefully comparing the biblical text to other ancient Near Eastern documents. Well-researched and thoughtfully nuanced, Currid aims to outline the precise relationship between the biblical worldview and that of Israel's neighbors.

Table of Contents:
1. A Brief History of Ancient Near Eastern Studies
2. The Nature of Polemical Thought and Writing
3. Genesis 1 and Other Ancient Near Eastern Creation Accounts
4. Ancient Near Eastern Flood Accounts and the Noahic Deluge of Genesis 6-9
5. Joseph, the Tale of the Two Brothers, and the Spurned Seductress Motif
6. The Birth of the Deliverer
7. The Flights of Sinuhe and Moses
8. Who is "I am that I am"? Exodus 3 and the Egyptian Book of the Heavenly Cow
9. The Rod of Moses
10. The Parting of the Waters of the Red Sea
11. Canaanite Motifs


John D. Currid (PhD, University of Chicago) is the Carl W. McMurray Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies in Jerusalem, Israel, and serves as project director of the Bethsaida Excavations Project in Israel (1995-present). He lectures and preaches worldwide.


"A clearly written account of a centrally important issue-the influence (or not) of ancient Near Eastern thought upon Old Testament writers. John Currid's books and commentaries have proven invaluable, and in this additional volume, his thorough research, theological acumen, and nuanced argumentation makes it an essential requirement for ministers, theological students, and serious students of Scripture. This is an invaluable aid in furthering our understanding of the Old Testament and a loud affirmation of the Bible's utter trustworthiness and inerrancy. A marvelous book."
--Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; author, Let's Study Revelation and Let's Study Galatians

"This is a splendid introduction to the use that the Old Testament makes of the religious ideas of Israel's ancient neighbors. Currid compares the biblical accounts of creation and the flood with the versions from neighboring cultures and shows how the Bible puts down and rejects the theological ideas of Babylon, Egypt, the Hittites, and the Canaanites. This process, which Currid terms 'polemical theology', serves to demonstrate the unique sovereignty of the God of Israel. This is a very positive approach to the issues raised by the extrabiblical parallels and is greatly preferable to seeing the parallels as showing the Bible as simply borrowed pagan ideas and myths." -
--Gordon Wenham, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament, University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

"In this vital work John Currid presents an enormously useful approach to understanding the relationship of the Old Testament to the literature and thought of Israel's ancient Near Eastern neighbors. This book is certainly a must read for any Old Testament scholar, yet it also provides a relevant and readable introduction for every student of Scripture."
--David W. Chapman, Professor of New Testament and Archaeology, Covenant Theological Seminary; author, Ancient Jewish and Christian Perceptions of Crucifixion

"A rising influential voice in Old Testament studies is asserting that the biblical worldview, while monotheistic, often parallels and at times pirates with minimal discrimination the pre-enlightened religious ideas and rituals of ancient Israel's neighbors. In contrast, John Currid persuasively demonstrates in Against the Gods that the Bible's tendency is not to appropriate but to dispute and repudiate pagan myths, ideas, identities, and customs. This important introduction to Old Testament polemical theology provides a balanced corrective to many current comparative studies."
--Jason S. DeRouchie, Research Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"If you're like me, you need to know a lot more about biblical backgrounds and how to think about them. John Currid's Against the Gods is a great place to start."
--James M. Hamilton Jr., Professor of Biblical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, God's Glory in Salvation through Judgment

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 153
Author: Currid, John D.
Publisher: Crossway
Publication Date: 2013