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What is the Mission of the Church?
DeYoung & Gilbert

What is the Mission of the Church?

ISBN: 9781433526909
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Book Description:

Christians today define mission more broadly and variably than ever before. Are we, as the body of Christ, headed in the same direction or are we on divergent missions?

Some argue that the mission of the Church is to confront injustice and alleviate suffering, doing more to express God's love for the world. Others are concerned that the church is in danger of losing its God-centeredness and thereby emphasize the proclamation of the gospel. It appears as though misunderstanding of mission persists.

Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert believe there is a lot that evangelicals can agree on if only we employ the right categories and build our theology of mission from the same biblical building blocks. Explaining key concepts like kingdom, gospel, and social justice, DeYoung and Gilbert help us to get on the same page - united by a common cause - and launch us forward into the true mission of the church.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 283
Author: DeYoung & Gilbert
Publisher: Crossway
Publication Date: 2011