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On a Bale of Straw
Vogelaar, Alie

On a Bale of Straw

ISBN: 9780993950001
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Book Description:

In commemoration of the flood in The Netherlands 60 years ago. This true story shows us the devastation and destruction through the eyes of two young children.

Saturday, January 31,1953.
The wind roars around the house. Trina and her brother Len bring a pan of soup to Grandpa and are almost swept off the road by the wind. That night something terrible happens: the dikes break! Water surges over the land and destroys everything in its path. The town where Trina and Len live is also flooded. Together with their parents and little brother, they flee to the roof of the house. Would anyone find them? Would they be saved in time?

On a Bale of Straw describes the disaster of the flood through the eyes of two children. This exciting and moving story is based on true experiences.


Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 97
Author: Vogelaar, Alie
Publisher: GA Printing
Publication Date: 2014