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Grazing in God's Pastures
Schouls, Carl A.

Grazing in God's Pastures

ISBN: 9780993864582
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"Tolle Lege - take up and read in Grazing in God's Pastures. An experience pastor, preacher and teacher, Rev. Carl A. Schouls shares thoughts on preaching, occasional homilies and sermons from the Old and New Testament. These sermons are Trinitarian in character, Christ-centred, and food for the soul. Reflecting on gratitude, providence, and history, we are instructed encouraged, and comforted. Studies on the covenant of grace, the meaning of "in Christ", and other Scripture studies are written from a pastor's heart and are relevant for today.
--Dr. Adriaan C. Neele, vice President, Professor of Homiletics and Historical Theological, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

In this collection Rev. Schouls offers some of the mature fruits of his life-long labor as minister of the Word. the sermons and meditations enrish both your soul and mind, enhance your joy, peace and comfort in the Lord, and make you realize all the more the awesome privilege of being a believer, a child of God. The special studies make you think and guide you into some of the riches of being Reformed. Take and read and be encouraged in the faith!
--Cornelis van Dam, emeritus Professor of Old Testament at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

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Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 362
Publisher: Free Reformed Publications
Publication Date: 2023