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Simply Faith:  Expository Sermons on the Belgic Confession
Schouls, Carl

Simply Faith: Expository Sermons on the Belgic Confession

ISBN: 9780993864513
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"There is a great need for a recovery of doctrinal preaching in our day. Lesser known than the Heidelberg Catechism and perhaps the Canons of Dort, the Belgic Confession is no less important nor should it be less cherished. We happily welcome the release of this homiletical treatment of the Belgic Confession. An experienced preacher and pastor, noted for his passionate, clear, and relevant preaching, Rev. Schouls is notably qualified to speak in print-form to current and coming generations." - Gerald M. Bilkes 

"The Belgic Confession contains doctrine worth dying for. Many of its original adherents knew that by experience. In every age of the church's history, it is necessary to re-appropriate and re-propagate the faith once given to the saints. And in our age of doctrinal indifference and even antagonism, this is as urgent as ever. Cark Schouls' fresh exposition of the Belgic Confession will help believers know their faith and express their faith to the world." - Rev. Daniel R. Hyde, Pastor, Oceanside United Reformed Church

"Preaching a series of sermons on a creed or confession is a difficult undertaking because it can easily turn into a dry lecture series. Reading Reverend Schouls' book on the Belgic Confession will quickly show that he has been able to avoid this pitfall. The Lord has gifted him to preach the Word as summarized in this earliest of the Three Forms of Unity in which the Continental Reformed Churches confess their faith. He has done so in a lively, dynamic and practical manner, stressing the importance of knowing the doctrines contained in this confession with the mind as well as experiencing their saving power in the heart by a Spirit-wrought, simple faith, hence the title: Simply Faith! In an age when many professing Christians, even in Reformed churches, have forgotten or are paying but scant attention to the great creeds and confessions of the Church, it is very important that a new generation of believers and their children become reacquainted with the convictions and sacrifices of their Reformed fathers." - Rev. Cornelis Pronk,

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Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 323
Author: Schouls, Carl
Publisher: Free Reformed Publications
Publication Date: 2014