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Following Her Beloved: The Memoirs of Henrietta Shuck - Missionary Wife and Mother
Shuck, Henrietta

Following Her Beloved: The Memoirs of Henrietta Shuck - Missionary Wife and Mother

ISBN: 9780984432059
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Book Description:

The memoirs of Henrietta Shuck give the reader a glimpse into the life of a young lady who forsook all to accompany her husband in taking the gospel to China.
Henrietta was a devoted daughter who loved her parents dearly. Few daughters could more beautifully illustrate what it means to "honor your father and mother." However, while she loved her family, she loved Christ more.

When missionary Lewis Shuck proposed to Henrietta, she wrote, "The life of a missionary is by no means an easy one - to the comfort and ease of this world she is a stranger - but she enjoys what in my estimation is far better' the presence of the Most High." Her primary reason for accepting the call was to enjoy the manifest presence of Christ. She accompanied her husband to China not only to proclaim the gospel but to partake of it.

She was America's first female missionary to China. As a pioneer missionary wife and mother, her primary ministry was in and through the home. She wrote, "I desire to be a comfort to him who shares my best affections, to train up little ones that God has given us for heaven, and to be the means of bringing into the fold of Christ many Chinese." She maintained a sweet, submissive spirit during sickness and was marked by perseverance. During dark and perplexing providences, she continued to draw life and love from Christ crucified. She wrote, "What would this world be without an interest in Christ? What but Christ can bear us up under the trials of life? What else can cause us to tread, with joyful steps, the sometimes dark and unknown paths of life? Let us then ever rely on Christ." After ten years of sowing, she and her husband witnessed the Lord raise up the very first Baptist church in China!

After her death, her husband said of her, "She was a most faithful, devoted, affectionate wife and mother, a laborious missionary, and a warm-hearted friend of all. Her prayers and anxious labors for her children and the Chinese will not be in vain. I never knew of one whose faith was stronger. She was a believer in minute providence-her devotions were punctual-her confidence in God unwavering. She was a being of love and a lovely being." Henrietta labored with her husband and children in China for the sake of the gospel that she might manifest Christ's beauty and display His worth.

Table of Contents:
1. Following in Her Mother's Footsteps: Henrietta's Childhood, Conversion, and Call 2. Doing Missions to Enjoy His Presence: Henrietta's Call as a Missionary Wife 3. Farewell to Those I Fondly Love: Lewis and Henrietta Depart for China 4. Bound by Love Never to Return: Henrietta Hearkens Her Father's Counsel 5. In a Heathen land Let Me Live and Die: Lewis and Henrietta Arrive in Singapore 6. The Cause of Christ is Dearer Still: Henrietta Writes Beloved Friends and Family 7. At Home in China: Missionary Wife, Mother, and Teacher 8. The Fruit of Her Hands: Henrietta's Sister, Susan, Comes to Christ 9. Willing to Let Goods and Kindred Go: Henrietta's Life-threatening Illness 10. Ornaments in the Cause of Christ: Henrietta's Ministry to Women and Children Flourishes 11. My Will Swallowed Up in His: Henrietta Nears Death While Her Sister Isabella is Made Alive in Christ 12. Motherhood and Missions: Henrietta Nurtures Her Children and Teaches the Chinese 13. A Church in China: Twenty Chinese Convert to Faith in Christ 14. Monuments of Mercy: Growth in Family and Church Ministry 15. A Great God Will Assist Me: Henrietta Home-Educates Her Children and Twenty-Eight Chinese Children 16. Revival in China: Lewis Details the Work of God in China 17. Till We Meet Around our Father's Throne: Henrietta's Last Letters 18. Enjoying the Presence of Her Beloved: Henrietta Beholds Christ Face to Face 19. Faithful to Her Creator: Tributes to Henrietta 20. Lessons for Daughters

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 249
Author: Shuck, Henrietta
Publisher: Corner Pillar Press
Publication Date: 2012