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The Pilgrim's Progress Adapted for Children
The Pilgrim's Progress Adapted for Children
The Pilgrim's Progress Adapted for Children
Bunyan, John

The Pilgrim's Progress Adapted for Children

ISBN: 9780983358022
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Book Description:

Capture your children's imaginations and introduce them to John Bunyan's enduring masterpiece with this new children's adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress!

Over 325 years after Bunyan penned his classic allegory in a Bedford jail, a new generation of children will not be introduced to The Pilgrim's Progress in a version faithful to the original text and beautifully illustrated by award winning artist Drew Rose.

Children will discover many important truths, including:

  • a deeper understanding of Christ and the gospel
  • the necessity of God's Word, the Holy Spirit, and other believers for teaching, instruction, encouragement, and support
  • the true definition of a Christian
  • a picture of the Christian life - a pilgrim's journey with ups and downs, distractions, difficulties, and even feelings of being cut off from God as a believer presses toward the grand end
  • insight into the heart and character of Christians and those who only claim to know Christ


Brilliantly illustrated, this rewrite of Bunyan's classic on the Christian life should anchor gospel truth in many children's hearts, especially if read aloud to them and talked over with them.
--J. I. Packer

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 110
Publisher: Great Commission Publications
Publication Date: 2013