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Broken down House: Living in a World Gone Bad
Tripp, Paul David

Broken down House: Living in a World Gone Bad

ISBN: 9780981540061
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Book Description:

Sin has ravaged the beautiful house that God created. This world bears only the faintest resemblance to what it was built to be. It sits in slumped and disheveled pain, groaning for the restoration that can only be accomplished by the hands of him who built it in the first place. The Bible clearly tells us that the divine Builder cannot and will not leave his house in its present pitiful condition. He has instituted a plan of restoration, and He will not relent until everything about His house is made totally new again. That is the good news.The bad news is that you and I are a living right in the middle of the restoration. We live each day in a house that is terribly broken, where nothing works exactly as intended. But we do not live in the house by ourselves. Emmanuel lives here as well, and He is at work returning His house to its former beauty.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 223
Author: Tripp, Paul David
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Publication Date: 2009