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The Owl's Nest
Schippers, W.

The Owl's Nest

ISBN: 9780974213149
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Book Description:

The Owl's Nest is and intriguing historical novel that takes place in South Holland in the 1800's. Hans was recently discharged from military service.  He works as a hired hand for Barend, the wealthiest farmer in the village. While a hardworking, honest man, Hans comes to earn his employer's hatred when he seeks the hand of Barend's daughter Martha, whom her father intends for the son of Gerrit, another wealthy farmer.

Starting a family in the Owls's Nest (the homestead in which he lives) would be hard enough for the poor young labourer, but his father-in law's malicious interference and the hatred of Gerrit combine to make life most unbearable for Hans. Between the obstacles placed in his way and his own anger and bitterness, Hans learns that his ways and the ways of God are not the same.


William Schippers (1867-1954) was the author of many Christian youth and family novels. When he was young, W. Schippers worked as a blacksmith in a forge in a village on the other side of the Meuse. After five years he went to work in a machine shop and later in a large factory in Dordrecht as metal turner.  In the evenings after work, W. Schippers put the day's thoughts and stories on paper. This gave W. Schippers the peace he needed after the heavy work. His inspiration came from his surroundings and the people he encountered.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 138
Author: Schippers, W.
Publisher: Early Foundations Publishers
Publication Date: 2006