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Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?
Seegert, Jay

Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?

ISBN: 9780890518441
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Book Description:

This is a controversy that goes beyond mere facts discover what makes the difference!

      ~ Is there real evidence for either side in this controversy?
      ~ Why does the past or the issue of origins matter if you are a Christian?
      ~ Creation, evolution, intelligent design, theistic evolution - are these views compatible?

Do the questions of creation, evolution, and the Bible seem to be too complicated and confusing? Do you want to know more about why the issue remains one for the Church today, yet don't want to end up reading mind-numbing details? Whatever your stance on this issue, you will find Creation & Evolution to be both interesting and easy to understand. Presenting the best information on both sides of the debate, the book takes you on a fascinating discovery of the issues and their relevance to your faith. With an engaging style, diverse points, and numerous quotes of interest, the book is a fast-track guide to understanding why God is found in the details of this critical debate.


Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 297
Author: Seegert, Jay
Publisher: Master Books
Publication Date: 2014