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Darwin's Demise: Why Evolution Can't Take the Heat
White, Joe & N. Comninellis

Darwin's Demise: Why Evolution Can't Take the Heat

ISBN: 9780890513521
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Book Description:

For people confused by the contradictory messages they hear from secular science and church teaching, evolution can be intimidating. The truth is that Darwin's ideas are based upon faulty science, and that creationists have solid evidence to support their claims.

Finally, a brilliant defense of Genesis and the Bible's teaching about origins is waiting for those who are soon to understand how Darwinism is fraudulent faith masquerading as science. This cutting edge book challenges conventional teaching with provocative, science-based answers to some of the greatest questions of all time:

  • Did life begin as a random accident?
  • How old is the earth?
  • Were living creatures actually designed?

Authors Joe White and Nicholas Comninellis have a passion for truth, and for sharing it with students and their parents. In Darwin's Demise, they succeed in showing why real science is burning down the House of Darwin.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 190
Author: White, Joe & N. Comninellis
Publisher: Master Books
Publication Date: 2001