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The Covenant of Love
Stam, Klaas (Clarence)

The Covenant of Love

ISBN: 9780887560767
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Book Description:

The Covenant of Love discusses the importance and meaning of the covenant which the Lord has made with mankind. The main purpose of this book is to show from the Bible that this covenant is not a sterile contract between two parties, but a living relationship between God and His people. The only motive for this covenant is God's love and the only source of this covenant is God's grace. This love and grace have been amply shown in Christ Jesus, the great Mediator of the covenant. It is the calling of all people to respond to this covenant of love manifest in Jesus Christ.


Clarence and Arlene Bouwman recently celebrated their silver wedding anniversary together with their six children. In the years of their marriage, the author has served as minister of the Word of God in four congregations in Canada and Australia, currently serving as minister of the Canadian Reformed Church of Yarrow, BC.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 197
Author: Stam, Klaas (Clarence)
Publisher: Premier Publishing
Publication Date: 2015