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A Geerhardus Vos Anthology: Biblical and Theological Insights Alphabetically Arranged
Olinger, Danny E (ed

A Geerhardus Vos Anthology: Biblical and Theological Insights Alphabetically Arranged

ISBN: 9780875526188
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Book Description:

Over a period of sixty-four years, Geerhardus Vos "put before Christendom an unmatched Reformed biblical-theological corpus," writes Danny E. Olinger. "In [these] books, reviews, articles, sermons, and poems, Vos consistently labored to show that the diverse strands of biblical revelation from Genesis to Revelation are centered in Jesus Christ."

For the first time, passages extracted from Vos's published and unpublished writings are organized by subject, giving twenty-first-century readers an unparalleled opportunity to learn firsthand what Vos wrote on more than 350 topics.


Geerhardus Vos (March 14, 1862 - August 13, 1949) was an American Calvinist theologian and one of the most distinguished representatives of the Princeton Theology. He is sometimes called the father of Reformed Biblical Theology.


"A comprehensive anthology of quotations by renowned biblical theologian Geerhardus Vos. Drawing from rare Vos texts and more familiar published works, Olinger includes complete citations on a range of topics, making this volume a definitive reference work and an invaluable resource for the scholar, pastor, and layman alike."
--J. V. Fesko, pastor, adjunct professor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta

"Vos was a model theologian, both rigorously orthodox and brilliantly insightful into the biblical text. This anthology manifests the impressive breadth of his interests and insights. A useful reference tool, it should stimulate and direct those wishing to explore particular lines of his thought."
--David VanDrunen, Westminster Seminary California

"Many have desired a topical approach to the encyclopedia of Vos's writings It has arrived! Olinger's incredible labor places at our fingertips a quick reference into the intuitive and penetrating genius of Vos's biblical understanding."
--William D. Dennison, Covenant College

"This masterful compendium of Vos's writings provides us with comprehensive access to a great theological mind. Time and again Vos's sage comments add new light to the subject he explores. For Vos there is no dichotomy between doctrine and life. And rather than undermine the enterprise of systematic theology, he consistently reinforces the truth of each classic rubric. All of the familiar trajectories of Vos's biblical theology are present. A rich resource for preachers and future scholars, this treasury should help stimulate the minds and form the lives of thoughtful Christians."
--Gregory E. Reynolds, pastor, Manchester, N. H.

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Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 375
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Date: 2005