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Growing Up God's Way for Boys
Richards & Jones

Growing Up God's Way for Boys

ISBN: 9780852349991
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Book Description:

Growing up is God's idea. During puberty you will experience many changes to your body and mind. God designed these changes so that you can become an adult and maybe one day get married and have a family of your own. This book helps you to understand the changes of puberty, how and why they come about, some practical ways to look after yourself and how to honor God by making good choices.

Contents include:
1. An introduction to puberty
2. Marriage
3. Puberty and how it starts
4. How your body changes
5. How the body changes in boys
6. Physical intimacy
7. Changes in the way you think
8. Going out and beyond
9. Preparing for the future


Gentle and rooted in God's word, it addresses the emotional issues as well as the biology. I read it with our eleven year old and we enjoyed it together. -- Mrs. Sheena Brailsford, minister's wife.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 76
Author: Richards & Jones
Publisher: EP Books
Publication Date: 2013