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Welwyn Commentary Series - Revelation: The Final Word
Wilmshurst, Steve

Welwyn Commentary Series - Revelation: The Final Word

ISBN: 9780852346693
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Book Description:

The book of Revelation was written for a people under pressure-a people who knew all too clearly that the world was against them. The gospel had spread throughout the Roman Empire but there were many who stood ready to oppose it. Persecution was looming and believers had already been martyred. It is in that context of suffering and oppression that the Lord gives John the series of visions which he writes down in the form of this book. What was needed was a survival manual, explaining how to survive when the world is against true faith; here it is! Revelation is for ordinary believers, not to fight over, but to enable us to keep fighting the real fight.

The book of Revelation is vital for our generation. In the West the signs of persecution are appearing as social pressures rise from people and governments on a determined course of opposition to the Word of God. In other parts of the world, terrible pressures and vicious persecution are being seen. This is why Revelation is so relevant for our day. The basic message can be summed up simply and wonderfully: Jesus is victorious, and as Christians we are safe in him!


Steve Wilmshurst is on the pastoral staff at Kensington Baptist Church, Bristol, and runs the Proclamation Trust's Cornhill+ distance learning course. He is the author of the Welwyn commentary on the Gospel of Mark.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 296
Publisher: EP Books
Publication Date: 2017