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Welwyn Commentary Series - Philippians: Shining in the Darkness
Bentley, Michael

Welwyn Commentary Series - Philippians: Shining in the Darkness

ISBN: 9780852344033
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Book Description:

Paul was a joyful prisoner of the Lord, yet he never wrote more warmly nor more wisely than in this letter to the Philippians. He was cetainly not blind to the church's faults. Paul begins and ends with wishing God's grace on them. The author suggests the book is a 'thank-you' letter to the church for their grace to Paul and he hopes that this volume will be a challenge to Christians to conduct ourselves in a way that is worthy of the gospel.

In the foreword, Dick Lucas says, 'Evidently there was some dissension in this lively Christian community, due to personal jealousies and animosities. Unfortunately the same can be just as true today. The gospel is still at times preached from motives of selfish ambition and rivalry. All of us are still inclined to look after our own interests only. And fine Christian workers ... are still quarrelling ... Be warned by this letter, be guided by it and be refreshed by it'.


Michael Bentley is the pastor of Great Hollands Free Church, Bracknell in southern England, where he is also actively involved in the local community. Among other responsibilities he is Vice-Chairman of the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education in the area, a director of the local Citizen's Advice Bureau and vice-chairman of a neighbourhood mediation service. He is the author of several titles in the Welwyn Commentary Series, including Building for God's Glory (Haggai and Zechariah), Shining in the Darkness (Philippians) and Passing on the Truth (1& 2 Timothy).


'Commentaries ... can be of great value ... Most of all we need the help of those whose work is to feed, guard and care for God's people week by week. Michael Bentley is just such an experienced pastor and teacher.'
'Once again, Michael Bentley displays his rare gift for communicating deep truths both clearly and simply. Easily accessible to the young believer, this commentary nevertheless contains insights that may well surprise and delight the busy pastor. Michael's relaxed, street-level style should not deceive us! This volume would make a seriously useful addition to any Christian's bookshelves.' Jonathan Stephen, President-elect, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 190
Publisher: EP Books
Publication Date: 1997